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How to design a TV lift motor ? ( Motorized TV lift system )

Jiaming CaiMarch 7, 2023

What is a motorized TV lift system ?

A TV motorized lift system is a mechanical structure designed to automatically raise or lower a TV using a remote control. The lifting system uses a remote control to control the slide rail to rise or fall and is powered by batteries or household power.


The lifting system usually consists of a TV lift motor, a lifting structure and a control system. The lifting structure can be a linear actuator, a scissor lift, or a rack and pinion system.

The TV automatic lifting device is convenient, space-saving and beautiful. They also provide extra security by hiding the TV when not in use and help protect it from accidental damage or spills.

How to design a TV lift motor ?

  • Determine the power and torque requirements : The power and torque output from the motor must be able to support the weight of the TV. Calculate the power and torque required by the motor according to the maximum bearing weight of the TV lifting system
  • Power Supply:In general, the power input of the TV lifting system is DC 24V or AC 220V
  • Control System:The TV stand motor needs to cooperate with the encoder to provide precise positioning and control
  • Output Shaft:Output shaft requires custom machining to fit gears and slides
  • Noise Control:Noise control of home TV lifting system is inevitable, and customers need the lowest possible transmission sound.

What kinds of motor used in TV lifting system ?

Based on our design experience, DONCEN Motor suggest our customers using DC motor with planetary gearbox on TV lifting system.

DC motors are cost-effective, stable in quality, and small in size, and are one of the best choices for providing high-power kinetic energy in confined spaces.

The planetary reduction structure has high precision, low noise and high efficiency. It is the mainstream deceleration structure on the market..

Recommended Motors

Technical data:


Gear Ratio:1:139


Rated Rpm:50 rpm

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