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How to design a gear motor for electric hydraulic crimping tool

Jiaming CaiMarch 6, 2023

What is a hydraulic crimping tool ?

A hydraulic wire crimping tool is a device used to crimp or compress a metal terminal onto the end of a wire. It is used to create a secure and permanent electrical connection between the wire and the terminal.

The tool uses hydraulic pressure to apply force to the crimping die, which compresses the terminal around the wire. This creates a strong and reliable connection that can withstand vibration, pulling, and other stresses.

Hydraulic wire crimping tools are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where a large number of wires need to be terminated with connectors. They are also used by electricians and other professionals who work with electrical systems.

How to design gear motors for Electric hydraulic crimping tool ?

Torque requirement: Electrohydraulic tongs require huge torque during use. In the design, we choose a high-power motor with a planetary reducer.

Power requirements: The design power should take into account the extreme conditions of use to ensure that the motor does not overheat or cause excessive wear.

Express delivery requirements: The motor speed should be in the range of 300-500 rpm according to customer needs.

Space Constraints: The motor and gear assembly should be designed to fit the space available in the crimp tool while still providing sufficient power and torque.

Durability and reliability: Motors should be designed to withstand the demands of regular use in harsh industrial environments.

Maintenance requirements: The motor of the electro-hydraulic tongs is easily damaged, and it should be detachable and easy to replace in the design.

Noise and Vibration: Motors should be designed to minimize noise and vibration to improve user comfort and reduce wear and tear on the tool.

Electric Hydraulic Clamp Motor’s Data?

  • Rated Voltage ———————————18V DC
  • Rated Current ———————————- 3 A
  • Rated Output Power —————————- 180 W
  • Rated Output Speed —————————- 770 rpm
  • Rated Output Torque ————————— 2.2 N.m
  • Rated running noise —————————- ≤ 65 dB

Products introduction:

The main body consists of DC brush motor, planetary gearbox and cam output shaft.

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