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Welcome to join our DONCEN MOTOR team! We are an enterprise that pays attention to the healthy development of employees, and is committed to providing employees with a high-quality working environment and  career development opportunities.

We know that employees are the most valuable wealth of the company, so we put the health and development of employees in an important position. We provide competitive salary and benefits and comprehensive training programs to help employees continuously improve their skills and professional knowledge.

We hope to work together with our employees to create a better working environment and create a comfortable, safe and healthy office atmosphere. We are constantly exploring advanced management concepts and technical means, and are committed to improving production efficiency and product quality.

We believe in the power of employees, we believe in the power of the collective. Only through solidarity and cooperation can the company’s comprehensive strength be continuously improved. If you have professionalism, teamwork spirit and innovative spirit, we warmly welcome you to join our big family and start a new chapter of career development together!

Who we need ?
  • Solidworks Engineer

    Working experience: 3 years or more experience in SolidWorks mechanical design, proficiency in SolidWorks software.
  • QC Engineer

    Familiar with the quality management system, proficient in the use of testing equipment, and able to prepare quality inspection plans.
  • Supply Chain Manager

    Familiar with the supply chain management process, able to coordinate suppliers, warehousing, logistics and other links, with team management capabilities.

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DONCEN MOTOR team has experienced motor engineers, gearbox engineers.

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