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Doncen Motor

Ningbo Doncen Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. is a micro motor & gearbox manufacuere in China. Doncen strive to produce world-class quality micro driving solutions products for our customers. As a company committed to continuous technological innovation and product research and development, DONCEN invests energy and resources in product design, quality control, production management, customized development and other aspects. The purpose is to provide customers with higher performance, lower power consumption, and the most cost-effective micro motors/gear motors, and to provide value and core competitiveness for customers’ project.

Motors Design

outrunner bldc motor

Doncen Motor Co. has specialized in motion technology including a variety of quality manufactured DC Motor since 2001. We have successfully developed Micro DC Motors  for Smart Home, Medical, Auto and etc. You will find that our products have uncompromising quality, making all others less than the best. We will fulfill your exact requirements and that’s what continues to make Doncen Motor one of the top manufacturers in China!

Gearbox Design

At Doncen Motor Co, our high performance gearbox are engineered for maximum efficiency. We are expanding our product lines to meet the demands of our customers. Our high performance automatic relubrication systems are quality assured. Our speed reducers can be equipped with water cooled housing, hollow-through bore, low backlash, and high quality planetary gearing. Our premier solutions are competitively priced.

Planetary gearbox

Motor Production


“Create Value for cusomers,employee and suppliers”

DONCEN has a complete purchasing, R&D, sales, after-sales team. Our team will provide customers service with 24/7 service for you.

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Machine Line:

Product quality is the foundation of DONCEN’s development. In order to realize the self-production of accessories, DONCEN has introdu2ced more than imported CNC lathes, machining centers, die-casting machines, gear grinding machines, gear hobbing machines and other large-scale equipment. At this stage, the company can achieve self-sufficiency in basic accessories.

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Assemby Line:

5 artificial assembly lines focus on assembling and synthesizing DC motors, gear boxes, gear motors and other products

2 fully automatic assembly lines are dedicated to the assembly of planetary geared motors, and only 5 workers are needed to achieve a production capacity of 10,000 motors per day.

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