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Quality Control

DONCEN MOTOR is committed to creating world-class quality micro dc motor/ geared motor. DONCEN defines quality “Made in China”

Qualtiy Policy

DONCEN MOTOR focuses on product research and development and quality control. Committed to providing customers with high-quality motors.

DONCEN MOTOR introduces imported testing equipment and builds a first-class quality testing laboratory to protect quality.

Planetary Gearbox

Strict incoming material inspection and supplier management are the core of DONCEN quality management

Our employees are our precious wealth. All DONCEN MOTOR employees will be committed to protect our quality

Quality Strategy

Doncen establishes management strategies, implements quality control, and strictly implements every quality management detail. Committed to providing high quality micro motors.
Incoming inspection

DONCEN strictly controls the supplier introduction system and inspects the quality of incoming materials. Traceability of product origin and quality.

Production management

ISO 9001 & TS 16949 dual quality management system. All DONCEN employees are constantly improving their quality control awareness

Factory testing

Product factory inspection is the last step of the quality system. DONCEN hopes to provide customers with the best products. Strictly control the factory inspection of products.

Repair report

When quality problems occur, DONCEN will record every quality problem report. The same quality problems are not allowed to occur.

Production quality management process

DONCEN implements comprehensive quality management throughout the entire production cycle of motors, including material control, R&D and design, production and manufacturing, user testing and maintenance services. This ensures stable and sustainable product quality.
Installation design
Assembly design
Ship management
keep Increase

Design: Design reliable products to meet customer requirements and manage design risks.

R&D: Ensure that products meet quality requirements through technology R&D, quality control, cost control, and continuous improvement.

Production: Through process control, quality inspection, cost control, and continuous improvement, ensure that products are manufactured according to design specifications and meet market demand.

Sales: Ensure product quality meets customer needs and expectations, and increase customer satisfaction and market share.

After-sales: Provide timely and high-quality after-sales services to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company’s market competitiveness.