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Outrunner BLDC Motor

DONCEN Motor specialize in the development, design, and production of high-performance outrunner BLDC motors that boast exceptional capabilities. Our MX series of outrunners is available in power ranges spanning up to 1000W.

Initially designed for the Robot industry, our outrunners were created to fulfill a need for powerful yet lightweight motors with high torque. As time has passed, we have refined our outrunner design to make it suitable for a variety of applications, including those in the commercial and AGV power system as well as in other industrial settings.

Our outrunners are highly compact in design and possess leading power-to-weight/Volume ratios.

All of our outrunner motors are customized and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Customizations can include adjustments to the housing, shaft, winding, number of poles, magnet material, potting material, cooling, and even the addition of a gearbox, among other things. By incorporating these adjustments, we are able to create the most efficient, lightweight, robust, and powerful motors to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our motors are perfect for applications with space, weight, and energy supply constraints.

Our Standard Products Range

  •  Diameter : 28mm – 63mm
  •  Voltage : 12V – 24V
  •  Torque : up to
  •  Drivers 
  •  Life time : Up to 20000hours 
  •  Gearbox Avaliable
  • Design Guide
  • Advantages
  • Accessories
  • Doncen Motor recommends that you or your engineer can provide the following parameters to help us choose the best solution for you !!!


    • Motor Type: Brushed / Brushless
    • Voltage
    • Power
    • Torque
    • Rated Rpm
    • Size Requirements
    • Shaft Shape : D Cut / Round / Other
  • The planetary geared motor is one of the most popular geared motors in the world, the following main advantages are the reasons to attract engineers:


    • High deceleration efficiency
    • High Torque Capabilities
    • Diameter Range: 16mm – 80mm
    • Thousands of gear ratio options
    • Coaxial arrangement of input shaft and output shaft
    • Low Noise
  • Doncen Motor provides some planetary gear motor accessories and provides installation services for customers:


    1. Encoder
    2. Brake

BLDC Outrunner Motor 12V - 24V -48V

outrunner brushless motor

MX52 63mm BLDC Outrunner Motor

  • Size:63 mm 
  • Number of pole pairs:  7
  • Length:  38mm
  • Rotor interia:  0.75uNm*s²
  • Weight:  250g
  • Ingress Protection:  IP44
  • Speed Constant:  360KV
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MX4210 52mm outrunner BLDC Motor

MX42 52mm BLDC Outrunner Motor

  • Size:52 mm 
  • Number of pole pairs:  7
  • Length:  34mm
  • Rotor interia:  6.5uNm*s²
  • Weight:  220g
  • Ingress Protection:  IP44
  • Speed Constant:  Customized
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MX33 42mm BLDC Outrunner

  • Size:42 mm 
  • Number of pole pairs:  7
  • Length:  32mm
  • Rotor interia:  0.75uNm*s²
  • Weight:  60g
  • Ingress Protection:  IP54
  • Speed Constant:  Customized
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MX28 36mm BLDC Outrunner Motor

  • Size:36 mm 
  • Number of pole pairs:  7
  • Length:  30mm
  • Rotor interia:  0.75uNm*s²
  • Weight:  56g
  • Ingress Protection:  IP54
  • Speed Constant:  Customized
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MX2210 28mm BLDC Outrunner Motor

  • Size:28 mm 
  • Number of pole pairs:  7
  • Length:  26mm
  • Rotor interia:  0.75uNm*s²
  • Weight:  52g
  • Ingress Protection:  IP54
  • Speed Constant:  360KV
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The following are only the standard DC planetary geared motors of DONCEN MOTOR, please Contact our sales engineers for customized motor requirements. We provide a wider range of voltage options 36V or 48V, greater torque Up to 200N.m, less noise, and more precise gears

Customized Application

AGV System Solution
Power Tools Motor
Lawn Mower Motor
Smart Home Solution

What is a Outrunner Brushless Motor? ( Knowledge Share)

Outrunner brushless motor is a type of brushless DC electric motor. T stator is mounted on the outside of the rotor. This configuration allows for a more efficient use of space, and results in a higher power-to-weight ratio than other brushless motor designs. Compare with the inrunner bldc motors, outrunner bldc motors are lighter in weight, higher in power and huger in torque. Outrunner brushless motors are typically used in applications where high power and/or speed are required.

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DONCEN Motor is a leading dc motor / gear motor manufacturer in China. We provide hundreds of standard dc motor / gear motors to our customers. Our standard products inlcuding DC motor, DC gear motor, brushless motor and AC motor, etc.

gearbox design

DONCEN Motor is a leading dc gear motor manufacturer in China. We provide customized micro drive solutions to our customers. Our customized ability including motor design / gearbox design / controller design.

Doncen Motor focuses on strict quality control including incoming material inspection, production process management, and outgoing product testing. Our goal is to deliver 100% qualified products to customers.

DONCEN Motor has certified with ISO 9001 and TS 16949. We have the ability to provide high quality micro dc motors / dc gear motors for auto parts, medical equipment

DONCEN MOTOR has a professional sales team in English, Chinese and German, we can provide the most professional service for domestic and foreign customers

Our engineer team has rich experience in motor, gearbox, control design. Can provide including 3D design, PCB design, gear design and so on. We look forward to communicating with you.

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