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Motor Application

Doncen (Best motor/gear motor manufacturers) has designed and developped best 12V-24V DC motor&DC gear motor in China. In addition to standardized products, we have the best team of gear design engineers and motor R&D engineers who can provide customers with customized solutions for various micro-drives.

Home Automation

Low noise, small size, easy to control, low-cost miniature DC geared motors are widely used in smart home fields such as smart door locks, cribs, lift TV brackets, lift tables and chairs, etc. 

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Automobile Transimision

The automotive industry has strict requirements for micro transmission equipment, including high precision, long life, and small size. Certified with TS:16949/ISO:9001

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Robotic System

Micro gear motors in the field of robotics are usually based on high precision and precise control. We focuses on the design and development of robot trunk, movement, arm and other transmission schemes. 

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Industrial miniature geared motors can be used in many fields. Our customers are distributed in the solar coupling market, cleaning equipment market, HVAC systems, electronic valves, water pump valves, etc.

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Medical Equipment

The medical industry has gradually entered the field of intelligent medical equipment. DONCEN’s micro motors can provide customers with micro transmission solutions with high precision, long life and low noise.

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Power Tools

With the popularization of intelligence, traditional tools are gradually being replaced by power tools. DONCEN’s high-precision gear box can be adapted to the high torque  required by power tools. 

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An experienced team of engineers is the guarantee of a customized reduction scheme. Doncen’s engineers have 20 years of experience in motor design and gearbox research and development, and provide the optimal solution from the aspects of motor power, installation size, gear material, reduction ratio, gear meshing, etc. plan.

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Doncen Core Advantages

Standard Products
Customized Products
Quality Control
Customer Service
Engineer Team

DONCEN Motor is a leading dc motor / gear motor manufacturer in China. We provide hundreds of standard dc motor / gear motors to our customers. Our standard products inlcuding DC motor, DC gear motor, brushless motor and AC motor, etc.

gearbox design

DONCEN Motor is a leading dc gear motor manufacturer in China. We provide customized micro drive solutions to our customers. Our customized ability including motor design / gearbox design / controller design.

Doncen Motor focuses on strict quality control including incoming material inspection, production process management, and outgoing product testing. Our goal is to deliver 100% qualified products to customers.

DONCEN Motor has certified with ISO 9001 and TS 16949. We have the ability to provide high quality micro dc motors / dc gear motors for auto parts, medical equipment

DONCEN MOTOR has a professional sales team in English, Chinese and German, we can provide the most professional service for domestic and foreign customers

Our engineer team has rich experience in motor, gearbox, control design. Can provide including 3D design, PCB design, gear design and so on. We look forward to communicating with you.

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