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Outrunner BLDC Motor – Best Solution For Exoskeleton Motor

Jiaming CaiMay 12, 2023

What is an exoskeleton Robot ?

An exoskeleton robot is a mechanical structure attached to the human body. Exoskeleton devices enhance the movement capabilities of the human body through mechanical structures. Exoskeleton robots use advanced sensors and transmission systems to replace the body’s own strength with machinery to achieve functions such as strengthening strength and guiding rehabilitation.

Iron Man’s armor in the “Marvel Universe” can be regarded as one of the future development trends of exoskeleton robots. With the advancement of material technology, sensors, drive systems, and control algorithms, the performance of exoskeleton robots has improved by leaps and bounds. Although it cannot reach the sci-fi level of “Iron Man”, modern exoskeleton robots have been significantly improved in terms of portability, human adaptability, and functionality.

Application Areas of Modern Exoskeleton Robots

The application areas of modern exoskeleton robots are mainly divided into 3 parts

Human Assistance

Exoskeleton robots can greatly improve the movement performance of the human body through the mechatronic structure.
The most popular upper limb exoskeleton robot is the best example. Upper limb exoskeleton robots can greatly improve the work efficiency of workers. Through the cooperation of the sensor and the motor, it can provide upward mechanical force to assist the human body in the movement of carrying or lifting.

Exoskeleton robots function

Medical Rehabilitation

The early design purpose of exoskeleton robots came from the needs of medical rehabilitation. Restoring normal motor function for disabled patients through mechanical assistance. The lower extremity exoskeleton robot can help paralyzed patients recover normal walking function. With the help of mechanical assistance, patients can achieve short-term recovery of self-walking function after getting out of the wheelchair. This is of great help to the rehabilitation training of the lower limbs.


Military exoskeletons are more focused on improving the mobility and combat effectiveness of soldiers. In the future, we may see more “mechanical soldiers” similar to Iron Man appearing on the battlefield. Of course, DONCEN hopes that military exoskeleton equipment will be used to protect our own country instead of aggression, and we hope for world peace.

Challenges of Exoskeleton Motor

  • Size and Weight: An exoskeleton is a complex mechatronic structure. The exoskeleton needs a light source of power in its design. This means that the volume and weight requirements of the motor are strict. Motors with high energy density are the first choice for exoskeleton motors.
  • Motor precise control: exoskeleton robot mounted on human body. For safety reasons, the responsiveness and control of the motor is very important.
  • Life Requirements: The application environment of exoskeleton robots requires the life of the motor to be as long as possible. Frequent replacement of parts is an intolerable defect
  • Gear Requirements: The exoskeleton motor does not need a high-speed motor, so a gear structure is important.

Doncen Motor : Outrunner BLDC Motor is the Best Solution for Exoskeleton Motor

DONCEN MOTOR focuses on the design and development of exoskeleton robots. Through various tests, we believe that outrunner bldc motors are the best solution for exoskeleton motors.

Core AdvantagesDesign characteristic
Low KV / High Power Density

Precise Control

Long service life and high reliability

high torque capacity
Gearbox design

Control panel design

Customized Motor

Recommended Outrunner BLDC Motor

MX4210 52mm outrunner BLDC Motor
  • Size: 52 mm
  • Rated Power: 200 W
  • Rated Voltage: 12 – 48 V
  • Rated Speed: 3600 – 8000
  • Weight: 350g
  • Package Size:6X31XH17cm 60pcs/CTN

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