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How Outrunner BLDC motor works in Agriculture Scouting Robot

Jiaming CaiMarch 13, 2023

The Outrunner brushless motor is a high-performance micro-DC motor with high power density, flat design, and long working life. In recent years, it has become a micro-transmission solution for more and more applications. For example, in the application of agricultural robots, the characteristics of brushless external rotor motors can well meet the transmission control requirements of agricultural robots.

The Case for Agricultural Scouting Robots (SentiV )

SentiV Robot

“SentiV” is an scouting robot designed by Meropy, a French company, for the purpose of monitoring farmland. This robot is equipped with sensors and advanced technologies that enable it to accurately gather data and images of farmland. It can collect various soil-related data, such as soil quality, temperature, humidity, acidity, and salinity. By detecting biological threats like diseases, pests, and weeds, it helps farmers analyze data and manage their land more precisely. This includes precise fertilization and irrigation, reduction in pesticide usage, and other measures to enhance the efficiency and productivity of agricultural production while reducing resource waste and costs. SentiV’s innovative capabilities are aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural practices while protecting the environment.

How Outrunner BLDC motor works in “SentiV” ?

In “SentiV”, each side of the robot is equipped with a brushless external rotor geared motor with a diameter of 52 mm and a planetary gear box, which is used to realize the basic movements of the robot such as forward, backward, left turn, and right turn.

Design Features:

high strength gear: In order to satisfy ‘SentiV’ to be able to drive on rough field roads, we specially use gears made of bearing steel, which allows the reduction box to withstand greater torque.

overload protection device: In order to cope with the complex environment and road conditions in the field, we have also equipped the motor with an overload protection device. When encountering obstacles and causing the motor to stall, the overload protection device can automatically cut off the power and protect the gears of the reduction box from being damaged, which improves the use of SentiV. life and reduce maintenance costs.

Why choose MX4220PG52-L3 as the Driving Solution for Agricultural Scouting Robot (SentiV) ?

Why choose a brushless external rotor motor as the driving solution for an agricultural robot (SentiV)?

In this particular application of SentiV, the engineers of DONCEN Motors discussed the details with the engineers of SentiV.

SentiV’s engineers need a motor solution with small weight, high power, and high torque. The high energy density of the brushless external rotor motor is very suitable for customers’ needs. The following are the design features of our external rotor motors

  • High energy density: Brushless external rotor motor is a small size, high power micro motor. Due to the special structural design, the brushless external rotor motor can generate more electromechanical power in the case of the same size. Our MX4220 series can output over 200W from a 24V power supply.
  • High torque: MX4220 series can output more than 20N.m operating torque with high-precision L3 planetary gearbox.
  • High-precision control: The brushless external rotor motor can achieve high-precision speed and position control, ensuring that agricultural robots need to accurately perform detection tasks in farmland.
  • Lightweight design: The brushless outer rotor motor has a compact design and light weight, making it an ideal choice in agricultural robots. Since the agricultural robot needs to drive in the farmland, the use of a brushless external rotor motor can reduce the weight and volume of the robot and improve its maneuverability.
  • High reliability: The brushless external rotor motor has a long service life and high reliability, which allows the agricultural robot to work for a long time in various outdoor environments.
  • Low maintenance cost: The gears made of bearing steel are used and equipped with overload protection device to prevent the gear box from being damaged under special circumstances and reduce maintenance costs.

SentiV Agricultural Robot Video

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