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How to design a liftgate motor for Cars?

Jiaming CaiMarch 1, 2023

What is a liftgate motor?

A liftgate motor is an electric motor that is typically used to power the lifting mechanism of a vehicle’s tailgate or liftgate. Liftgates are commonly found on larger vehicles such as SUVs, vans, and trucks, and are designed to make it easier to load and unload cargo or other items from the vehicle.

The liftgate motor is usually located near the tailgate or liftgate and is connected to the lifting mechanism by a series of gears and cables. When activated, the motor spins the gears, which in turn raise or lower the liftgate. Some liftgate motors may also have a clutch mechanism to prevent damage to the motor or liftgate if the gate is overloaded or encounters an obstacle.

Liftgate motors may be powered by the vehicle’s electrical system, or by a separate battery or power source. They may also be controlled by a switch or remote, allowing the user to easily open or close the liftgate with minimal effort.

PG28 Liftgate motor design

How to design liftgate motor?

1:Determine tailgate power and torque requirements: The tailgate motor must be powerful enough to lift the weight of the tailgate and any cargo that may be loaded on it. The size and power of the motor will depend on the weight and size of the liftgate. From a design point of view, the power of the motor needs to be much greater than the theoretical power to ensure the stability of the motor.

2:Select the motor type: The lift gate motor can be a DC motor or an AC motor. DC motors are commonly used in the tailgate of small cars. The advantages of DC motors are high cost performance and stable quality.

3:Select the gear and cable: The gear and cable connect the motor to the liftgate’s lift mechanism. DONCEN Motor provides a high-performance planetary reduction gearbox with a DC motor, which can provide different torques for the tailgate of the car.

4:Select the control system: The control system allows the user to easily open and close the tailgate. Encoders are very important for tailgate motors.

5:Test and Improve: Once the tailgate motor is designed, it should be tested to ensure that it lifts the tailgate smoothly and safely. Improvements may be required to optimize performance.

DONCEN Liftgate Motor design details?

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