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3 Best Grill Rotisserie Motor – Doncen Made

Jiaming CaiApril 24, 2023

What is a Grill Rotisserie Motor ?

Grill Motor diagram

With the development of grill products, more and more grill factories have begun to add automation functions to enhance their own product competitiveness. The automation function of large grills can not only improve the efficiency of the grill, but also effectively protect the safety of the customers. The demand for grill rotisserie motors is increasing.

Core Functions of the Grill Rotisseire motor

  • Rotation: The automatic rotation of the baking tray and grill can be realized by using a micro motor. This is conducive to the uniform heating and rapid heating of food.
  • Lifting: The lifting function is convenient for users to take food or baking trays, reducing the risk of injury for customers and providing convenience.
  • Conveying: The function of sending food into the oven through the conveying structure. The oven is designed to be safer.
  • Temperature control: The motor controls the fan, and the combination of the oven motor and the fan can effectively control the temperature inside the oven.

3 Best Grill Rotisserie Motor

The characteristics of the oven motor need to serve the specific application and functional requirements of the oven. Therefore, most oven motors need to meet the following requirements:

High torque: Whether it is the rotation, lifting or conveying function of the oven, the oven motor needs to output a certain torque. Therefore, most oven motors choose a geared motor with a gear box to match the motor.

Speed control: The control function of the oven motor is very important. In automation applications, it is necessary to adjust the speed required by customers to provide a better customer experience.

Space adaptation: When purchasing an oven, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size according to the installation space and usage requirements of the oven. The reserved space for the motor is very limited in the design of most ovens, which places great demands on the design capabilities of the motor manufacturers.


  • Size: 37 mm
  • Rated Power: up to 30W
  • Rated Voltage: 3V-24 V
  • Rated Speed: 5 rpm – 2500 rpm
  • Weight: 100g – 120g
  • Package Size:6X31XH17cm 60pcs/CTN
ModelVoltageRated RpmRated CurrentRated TorquePowerStall TorqueTest report
GR-37246700-10K24V5403000.054N.m3W 0.168N.mClick here
GR-37125000-90K12V40400mA0.48N.m2W 1.34N.mClick here

37 mm reduction gearbox with GR DC Motor. GR37 motors are usually used in small grills. Because of its small size, large torque, it widely used in drive rotation, conveyor belt fields.


  • Size: 60 * 90 * H (mm)
  • Rated Power: up to 100 W
  • Rated Voltage: 220 V
  • Rated Speed: 5 rpm – 2500 rpm
  • Weight: 800 – 1000 g
  • Package Size:55X35X18cm 12pcs/CTN
ModelVoltageRated RpmRated CurrentRated TorquePowerStall TorqueTest Report
TT-YJ61220V3000-277K220V9350mA0.4N.m0.4W1N.mClick here
TT-YJ61220V5000-36K220V1101700mA1.6N.m18W9N.mClick here

TT Gearbox with 220V AC Shade Pole Motor. TT-YJ61 is the most popular grill rotisserie motor. Under 220V power supply , this motor could output at least 50W and the size of TT gearbox is suit for small space of most grills.

PG42 – 42mm Planetary Gear Motor

42mm planetary gearbox motor
  • Size: 42 * L (mm)
  • Rated Power: up to 150 W
  • Rated Voltage: 12 – 48 V
  • Rated Speed: 5 rpm – 300 rpm
  • Weight: 650 – 700 g
  • Package Size:310*265*65mm 20pcs/CTN
ModelVoltageRated RpmRated CurrentRated TorquePowerStall TorqueTest Report
PG42775123000-3.7K12V694.31.539A0.151N.m11W0.915N.mClick here
PG427753618000-19.2K36V915.514.80A3.75N.m359.2W25.25N.mClick here
PG42BL42184500-3.7K18V986.42.467A0.269N.m27.81W1.543N.mClick here
PG45BL42128000-25K12V246.33.242A0.74N.m19.01W3.30N.mClick here

42mm planetary gearbox with DC Motor. Planetary geared motors are usually used in the rotary field of ovens. Planetary reducer has higher efficiency, smaller size and more expensive price.

Grill Motor Examples

Grill motor 1

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