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Doncen Motor provides customized micro drive solutions to our customers, we cover DC motors, DC gear motors, brushless motors and AC motors, etc. At the same time, DONCEN Motor also provides standardized motor products for our customers. We have hundreds of motor types that can meet different needs for different customers.

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DC Motor

Doncen provide high qulity dc motors based on ISO9001 & TS 16949 quality certification. Our standard DC motors can run perfectly at 3V 6V 9V 12V 18V 24V 48V. We provide high-quality DC motors with high speed, high torque and high voltage. Our DC motors are widely used by domestic and foreign customers in high-tech fields such as household appliances, automobiles, industries, and robots.

DC Gear Motor

DONCEN provides hundreds of standardized gear motors for customers to choose from. We have more than 20 years of work experience in the design of gear boxes. Our gear motors include circular gear motors and square gear motors, with design torques from 0, 5N.m- 100N.m, the reduction ratio range is 1:3-1:3561. DONCEN has a dedicated RD team to customize their geared motors to meet customer needs.

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Planetary gear motor

Planetary Gear Motor

Compared with geared motors, planetary geared motors have a more reasonable structure and more efficient transmission. In recent years, planetary geared motors are one of the mainstream geared motor types on the market. DONCEN motors have been involved in the field of planetary gear motors for more than ten years. We provide high torque, low noise planetary motors with diameters from 16mm-80mm. Our engineers can provide customers with proprietary mechanical designs to meet customers’ shape requirements, and we provide planetary gearboxes so customers can choose suitable DC motors, DC brushless motors or stepper motors.

DC Brushless Motor

Through electronic commutation technology, the advantages of high efficiency and long life of brushless motors have attracted a large number of engineers to apply them to their projects. Compared with brushed motors, brushless motors have higher power and higher efficiency under the same volume, and can be applied to more scenarios such as robots, medical equipment, industrial equipment and solar equipment. DONCEN began to develop brushless motors in 2015, and has provided brushless motor solutions for hundreds of domestic and foreign companies.

Brushless dc motor
Outrunner BLDC motor

Outrunner Brushless Motor

Since 2018, DONCEN has been committed to the research and development of new brushless external rotor motor projects. Compared with ordinary brushless motors, external rotor brushless motors can achieve the characteristics of high power, LOW KV, high torque and small size. Through the external rotor drive, the length of the motor can be greatly reduced, which makes the brushless external rotor recognized by engineers and more suitable for robots, medical equipment and other fields. DONCEN provides 28mm-62mm diameter brushless external rotor motors, customers can choose according to their needs. Contact our engineers to find the right solution for you.

Customized Projects

In addition to standardized solutions, DONCEN has a team of more than twenty engineers to customize their transmission solutions for customers. DONCEN’s products are widely used in industrial fields, automotive fields, medical equipment fields and solar energy fields. The successful cases of DONCEN include water pump motor, car tailgate push rod motor, HVAC valve motor, electro-hydraulic clamp motor, 4D cinema seat motor, solar tracker motor ETC.



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