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Spur Gearbox Components and Parts:What you need to know about Spur gearbox?

Jiaming CaiDecember 16, 2022

A spur gearbox is a mechanical device used as a deceleration device on a motor. The classic gearbox system consists of a housing and a gear train, which reduces the speed of the motor to increase the torque through the transmission between the gears. Because of the low cost and high efficiency of the gearbox, the gear motor is loved by a large number of engineers. In this article, DONCEN Motor will analyze the accessories and parts of the spur gearbox from the most basic structure.

In this article, DONCEN Motor will share how to design and produce a spur gear box. What is a spur gear box, what is the core part of the gear box, how to use the correct lubricant and etc.

1.1 Core spur gearbox components and parts.

1: Main shaft

2: Sun gear

3: Gears

4: Housing

5: Bearing

6:lubricating oil

1.1.1 Main shaft

The main shaft connected with the gears in the gearbox. The gears will transfer the power from motors to shaft. The main shaft will output the final torque and rpm.

1.1.2 Sun Gear

The sun gear is the first stage gear that connects the motor and the gearbox. The gear is pressed to the end of the output shaft of the motor through the gear press machine, and the output shaft of the motor drives the sun gear to rotate to transmit the kinetic energy into the gearbox. The sun gear meshes with the internal teeth in the gearbox to transmit energy.

1.1.3 Gears

Gears are the core components in micro spur gearboxes. Gear meshing with different numbers of teeth can change the speed and torque at the input. Engineers can achieve different gear ratios by choosing different gear systems. The gears in the spur gearbox are driven by parallel shafts, which is the most basic gear reduction mode. These gears can reach higher efficiencies compared to other gears types. However, these gears have a lower first ratio range.

1.1.4 Housing

The housing of the spur gearbox is the space that carries the gear system. The casing is made of high-strength aluminum alloy to form a closed system. The casing can protect the gears from running for a long time in different environments. Prevent the gears from rusting.

1.1.5: Bearing

Bearings are generally used on the output shaft of the gearbox. In the rotating motion, the bearing can effectively reduce the friction between the output shaft and the casing, and provide a good protection effect.

1.1.6: lubricating oil

Gears will cause a lot of wear and generate huge amounts of heat during high-intensity transmission motion. Suitable lubricants can provide protection and cooling. The use of lubricants can improve the efficiency and life of the gearbox.

2. Conclusion

Doncen motor committed to the development and design of miniature spur gearboxes. Thank you for watching our knowledge sharing patiently. If you have any questions about miniature gearboxes and gear motors, please contact our engineers.

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