Valve system

Planetary gear motor design for Valve system

1.1 What is the gear motor application for motor valve system ?

Doncen provide geared motors to China’s largest manufacturer of multifunctional control valves and water treatment. Our geared motors are mainly used in automatic filter valves, automatic soft water valves, electronic ball valves, etc. The valve drives the high-hardness, high-flatness ceramic dynamic sealing sheet and the fixed sealing sheet to rotate through the motor to produce different channels, thereby realizing water production, backwashing, slow washing salt absorption, salt tank water replenishment, and forward washing.

2.1 What is the differences about the valve motor

1: The motor needs to work stably under low-voltage

2: The motor needs waterproof protection to cope with the humid working environment

3:The motor must be precisely controlled and the angle of rotation must be precise

3.1 What is Doncen's solution

Besed on these conditions, our engineer design a kind of planetary gearbox with 24V DC motor for our customers. Our customized waterproof case for the motor can protect the motor from normal operation in a humid environment, and the encoder we customized for the customer can ensure that the motor rotates at a precise angle.

Planetary gear motor
lawn mower motor


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