Trunk motor (Taligate Brushless Motor)

DC Tailgate motor design for Auto markets

Chinese best Trunk motor cusetomized by Doncen which is the primary and secondary supplier of many car companies in the automative tailgate motor industry. We design and develop automated tailgate push rod systems for different brands. Our 22mm planetary gearbox motor and 28mm planetary gearbox motor with 2 ppr encoders are popular in Chinese market of taligate system. These motor as shown below.

1.1 Why choose Doncen Automobile taligate motor (Trunk motor)

  1. Rich industry experience, has many customer development experiecen, accept OEM requirements.
  2. High torque design
  3. Low Noise
  4. TS 16949 Certificates
  5. Invention patents for Tailgate motor

1.2 Tailgate motor examples:

2.1 Who is our customers

We have a lot of customers in China who are favorite with our trunk motor including:

FordHondaGeneral MotorsBYD

Other Second Car repair Market

Since China is the most populous country in the world, the development of China’s automobile industry has unique advantages. Which means the marker for taligate motor will be increasing in future. Doncen will be focus on developing and improving our automobile taligate motor to occupy the market.


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