Standing Desk

Standing dest kit solution from Doncen

1.1 What is a standing desk used for?

Compared with the traditional table, the standing desk has an adjustable height function, which can better cooperate with the work of the people. According to scientific research, sitting for a long time will cause some harm to the human body. If the office environment can be equipped with standing desks and chairs, it can help employees work comfortably in different postures.In recent years, many European and American companies require offices to be equipped with a full set of standing desk and chairs, which has caused a rapid increase in the market demand for lift tables.

1.2 How Does standing desk work?

The basic configuration of a standing desk is a talbe board and standing dest motor kit. The height of the table board can be adjusted to rise or fall through the drive of the motor.

1.3 What is the advantages for Doncen standing desk motor kit?

Doncen’s standing desk motor kit is designed for China’s largest ergonomic table factory. In order to improve the product strength of our customers, the motorize kit we developed can provide stable control and different speed changes at a reasonable price. The accuracy of each gear is fully controlled to ensure the stability of the meshing,this can minimize the noise caused by the instability of gear meshing. At the same time, we also provide different prices of brushed or brushless motors for customers to choose, which can ensure the diversity of customer products in the target market.


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