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Robotic System

Micro gear motors in the field of robotics are usually based on high precision and precise control. Most of DONCEN’s development experience focuses on the design and development of robot trunk, movement, arm and other transmission schemes. Our planetary geared motors, harmonic geared motors are widely used in lawn mowers, cleaning robots and other projects…

AGV System ( planetary gear motor ) customized for lawn mower

Smart lawn mowers is always popular in the U.S. and European markets. To reduce the labor cost and increase the mowing efficiency, more and more people tend to use smart lawn mowers in their daily life. However, traditional lawn mowers are very large and expensive, which is not practical for some areas where the grass is not large. So our customers came to us and wanted us to develop a transmission system for their small lawn mowers, which could cut grass efficiently in a small volume. The lawn mower motor should not only provide power for moving but also help to mower. So the motor also need high torque for some complex areas.

TT-YJ61 For Grill to transfer wood solutin

High power AC Gear Motor design for grill to transfer the wood automatically. Doncen use 220V AC shade pole motor with TT gearbox. This motor is working during the high temperature. Also,AC shade pole more has relative high life compare with dc brush motor.


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