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Power Tools

The transformation of the tool market is the main factor for DONCEN to enter the tool market. With the popularization of intelligence, traditional tools are gradually being replaced by power tools. DONCEN’s high-precision, high-strength gear box can be adapted to the high torque and small volume required by power tools. Our planetary geared motors are widely used in electric hydraulic pliers, electric wire cutters, electric lawn mowing equipment, agricultural machinery equipment and so on.

Ice Auger Planetary Gear System

Ice Auger is a kind of power tools to help people for boring large holes in ice. Normally Ice auger is applied on ice fishing. Handheld ice augers are very popular in Northern Europe and North America. Doncen provide high quality Ice Auger planetary gear system.

Battery powered Hydraulic Cable Cutting motor system

Battery Powered Hydraulic cuttings are professional hydraulic tools specially used for crimping cables and terminals in power engineering. In industry, it is difficult for general hand tools to cut steel bars or thick cables quickly, which is laborious and inefficient. Therefore,our customers developed this kind of battery powered hydraulic cutting to help engineering staff.


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