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Medical Equipment

With the popularization of intelligence, the medical industry has gradually entered the field of intelligent medical equipment. DONCEN’s micro motors can provide customers with micro transmission solutions with high precision, long life and low noise. With ROHS testing equipment, DONCEN can ensure that motor materials meet the high requirements of the medical field. Environmental protection and energy saving are the characteristics of DONCEN.

Breath Ventilator Motor

With the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, ventilators have become the hottest medical equipment on the market. Doncen has cooperated with our customers to design a kind of ventilator which is more stable and efficient ventilator. It is worked as shown below.

Meidcal oral drug device

Doncen customized MX22 dc outrunner brushless motor. It is customized for medical oral drug device for one of our international customers. This motor is low sound, high torque with small size. It could output after gearbox with high rpm.


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