Lock motor

How to design the gearbox lock motor for Smart lock?

With the development of the smart home market, the market demand for smart access control systems is also increasing. However, the gear system of the smart door lock system on the market is uneven,one of our customers want Doncen to help them design a kind of competitive geared motor which could applied on their smart lock.

Step 1: Define the question for lock motor(requirements)

In 2015, our engineer team received a request from the customer asking us to design and develop a reasonable gear motor for their smart door lock project. The customer required the motor to have high torque and absolutely quiet running sound with a small size. Considering that the customer’s sales markets are mainly in Europe and the United States, they have high requirements for the quality of the motor. After many times of online communication with customers, we reached several consensus.

1:The size of gearbox should be as small as possible

2: Motor noise can not exceed 50DB at a distance of 50cm

3: The output torque is around 10kgf.cm

Step 2: Provide Doncen customized lock motor

Based on the requirements, our R&D department choose to use SR-25 series Spur geared motor as the first pick for our customers. To reducing the noise, Our engineers replaced some of the gears in the gearbox with plastic ones instead of powder metallurgy gears. It could reduce the noise caused by gear transmission meshing instability as much as possible while ensuring sufficient torque.

Step 3: Final Check by Customers, ROM for lock motor

We sent the final version locker motor to our customers for the final check. After a series of tests, the customer is very satisfied with our products and started long-term cooperation. We list the material list of this special type of motor, and produce a batch of them to our customers every month. With the development of the door lock motor, the sales of this motor is also rising year by year.

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