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Industrial miniature geared motors can be used in many fields. Our customers are distributed in the solar coupling market, cleaning equipment market, HVAC systems, electronic valves, water pump valves, etc. Doncen’s miniature geared motors are widely recognized by customers in the industrial field, and the products are directly sold to international markets such as Europe, America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

Solenoid valve switch planetary gear motor scheme

Doncen has designed and developed the 45mm planetary gear motor for Solenoid valve system. Our customer is one of the most famouse valve factory in China. Our planetary motors are IP67 rated with custom connection plates and waterproof covers. Perfect for underwater environments

High torque planetary gear motor for solar tracker system

56mm planetary gear motor with dc brush motor/ 80mm planetary gear motor with dc brushless motor. Doncen provide these two types solar tracker motor for Europe customers. Unique waterproof design and high-strength gearbox are our core competitiveness

DC Gear motor customized for automatic feed system

Small dc gear motor customized for automatic feed system. GR-37 series, SG-555 series. 12V-24V spur gear motor with best price and long life. Feel free to contact with doncen for more information.


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