Grill motor/Smoker motor

How to design Grill Motor?

1.1 Grill motor design problems (requirements)

Our customer want to make a high torque low rpm DC geared motor to rotate their grills automaticlly. Consider about the applications, they have only few space to set the motor. Also, they need huge force to afford the food and grill together. So their are 2 core problems in this project.

1:Narrow space

2:High torque

3:Long lifetime

4:Cheap price

2.1 Doncen solutions for Grill motor

Based on the situation for our customers, we choose to use DC spur gearbox with our DC 775 motor. In order to provide more than torque to make sure the grill can be turned smoothly. we use 1:1746 gear ratio TT gearbox. Through the gearbox, the motor could output 5 rpm and at the working point. The price for total driving system including gearbox and dc motor is around 5 USD which could give enough competitiveness.

Example For Doncen Customers:

TT-775 Series customized for Grill and Smoker.


                      Please contact us R&D department for best solution

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