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Planetary Gear Motor vs Spur Gear Motor

Planetary geared motor and Spur geared motor are two kinds of motor which uses a gearhead to reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque of the motor. So that, some application needs high torque and low speed engine will consider about gear motors.

Best gear processing types

Since gears are among the oldest mechanical parts still in use today, the idea of them has been around for a while. Be it the auto industry, the aerospace industry, any piece of industrial equipment, or even something as basic as a clock. Everywhere need gears, thus you might be interested in learning about gear manufacture..

A spur gear box is a mechanical device used as a deceleration device on a motor. The classic gearbox system consists of a housing and a gear train, which reduces the speed of the motor to increase the torque through the transmission between the gears. Because of the low cost and high efficiency of the gearbox, the gear motor is loved by a large number of engineers. In this article, DONCEN Motor will analyze the accessories and parts of the spur gearbox from the most basic structure.

Gear reduction is the most commonly used gear system, which transmits torque through the meshing between gears. The system composed of multiple gears becomes a gearbox, which is widely used in the field of motor reduction. Doncen Motor focus on designing best micro gearbox in China. This articles we will list some best gears reduction system.


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