The best five types of gears in gearbox

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The best 5 types of gears in gearbox

Gear reduction is the most commonly used gear system, which transmits torque through the meshing between gears. The system composed of multiple gears becomes a gearbox, which is widely used in the field of motor reduction. Doncen Motor focus on designing best micro gearbox in China. This articles we will list some best gears reduction system.

1: Spur gears

Spur gears (straight-cut gears) are the most standard type of gear. The shape of a spur gear is similar to a cylinder, and the outer ring consists of the tooth profile. The edge of each tooth of the spur gear is straight and aligned parallel to the axis of rotation, so the meshing of the spur gear is done on parallel shafts.

2: Helical gears

A helical gear is a gear structure similar to a spur gear. Its shape is similar to a spur gear but the teeth on the edges are not parallel to the axis of rotation but set a certain angle. The meshing between the helical gears can be parallel or crossed. So, why do we design the helical gears?


Advantage 1: the meshing gears between the helical gears have a larger area of force and can withstand greater The torque is not deformed.


Advantage 2: The gearbox using helical gears can reduce the noise.

3: Planetary gears

Planetary gear system is a gear integration system based on spur gear system. Planetary reduction mainly achieves the purpose of deceleration through the meshing of parallel shaft gears. It reduce the speed of the input and increase the torque through the transmission between the sun gear and the planetary gear. Since the motion between the sun gear and the planetary gears is similar to the system of planets revolving around stars, this mode of deceleration is called planetary gear system.


Planetary gear system benefits from a reasonable deceleration structure, and its advantages are high deceleration efficiency and low noise. High-precision planetary gearboxes are widely used in robotics, solar energy and other industrial fields.

4: worm gears

The worm gear reduction system is a vertical axis reduction mode. These systems including a spur gear or a helical gear, worm wheel or wheel. Worm gear system is a way for gearbox to achieve a low gear ratio and high torque. One of the most important advantage of worm gear system is self-locking. The worm gear system only allows the worm wheel to turn the gear, the gear cannot turn the worm wheel. So when the worm wheel stops input, the  gearbox will achieve a braking effect.

5:Bevel gears

Bevel gears are a common type of gears in gearboxes. The core advantage of bevel gears is the increased contact ratio. The large area of gear contact can reduce shock, making the transmission more stable and less noisy. At the same time, it could increase the working life of the gears because the bevel gears mesh with less wear.


Spur bevel gears are used to transfer the motion within the shafts with intersecting axis. The degree range is from 0°to 180°.

2. Conclusion

Doncen motor committed to the development and design of miniature gears and gearbox. Thank you for watching our knowledge sharing patiently. If you have any questions about miniature gearboxes and gear motors, please contact our engineers.

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