Battery Powered Hydraulic cutting

Customized Geared motor for Powered Hydraulic Cutting

1.1 What is battery powered Hydraulic Cable Cutting

Battery Powered Hydraulic cuttings are professional hydraulic tools specially used for crimping cables and terminals in power engineering. In industry, it is difficult for general hand tools to cut steel bars or thick cables quickly, which is laborious and inefficient. Therefore,our customers developed this kind of battery powered hydraulic cutting to help engineering staff.

2.1 The advantages of Hydraulic cable cuttings

1: high efficiency



4: Provide huge torque for cutting all kinds of industrial cables

3.1 What is the challenges for Doncen to desgin

For designing, our engineer considered about the working environment for hydraulic cutting is strict for motor. The motor need to work continuously under high load conditions. It is a huge chanllenge for gearbox because if the gear is not hard enough, continuous high-load work will have a great possibility of destroying the gear. So our R&D department decided to use full steel gears in this project. Besides, In order to make the motor have enough torque at a certain speed, we must choose a high-speed motor with a high reduction ratio gearbox. Here is our solution customized for hydraulic cable cutting tools customers. They are statisfied with our products.


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