Automobile Transimission
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Automobile Transimission

The automotive industry has strict requirements for micro transmission equipment, including high precision, long life, and small size. DONCEN successfully entered the field of auto parts through the TS: 16949 audit in 2016. Our micro motors are used by customers in automotive glass lift motors, automotive rearview mirror motors, armrest box motors, automotive tailgate push rod motors, etc.

Trunk motor(Taligate Brushless Motor)

Chinese best Trunk motor cusetomized by Doncen which is the primary and secondary supplier of many car companies in the automative tailgate motor industry. We design and develop automated tailgate push rod systems for different brands. Our 22mm planetary gearbox motor and 28mm planetary gearbox motor with 2 ppr encoders are popular in Chinese market of taligate system. These motor as shown below.

Auto Armrest motor(Armrest box transmission reduction system)

 DONCEN has cooperated with Aston Martin’s Tier 1 supplier. Doncen help them to develop an automated geared motor for Aston Martin’s armrest box. To ensure the using experience for Aston Martin’s customers. Our engineers used a plastic worm gear reduction system in the design of the gearbox. It could reduce the noise from the motor and gearbox. As a first-tier supplier of Aston Martin, our customers have extremely high requirements for the stability of our products. We have passed the TS16949 audit under a series of guidance. It is good for Doncen entry the Auto markets.


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