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Company Profile

Ningbo Doncen Machinery&Electronics Co.,Ltd. was founded in Jan.2001 by two engineers who wanted to prove that China’s micro-transmission industries can also have sophisticated craftsmanship and leading designs. Today,Doncen has achieved a leading position in the field of micro transmission solutions in China, our DC motors, DC geared motors, DC brushless motors, planetary geared motors, brushless external rotor motors are widely used in various fields around the world including robotics , automotive, medical equipment, industrial and power tools, etc.

What We Do?

Motor Design

Doncen has entered the DC motor market in 2005. Mainly models including DC 555 and DC 775 motors. The company specializes in design and production, and has the ability to develop and assemble DC motors by itself. The company produces more than 1 million DC motors every year. At the same time, DONCEN provides customized services, and the parameters of the motor can be adjusted to meet the needs of customers by changing the design of the motor. The range of motor research and development is 3V-90V DC, 3000-36000rpm.

Gearbox Design

Doncen has more than ten gearbox design engineers with more than 10 working experience on designing and developing gearbox inlcuidng spur gearboxes and planetary gearboxes. Besides, Doncen’s R&D department provides best solutions for our customers based on diefferent projects. The customized gearbox will have higher utilization and higher cost performance.

Gears Design

Main gear types: powder metallurgy gears and steel gears

Gear processing method: hobbing, grinding

Gear module range: 0.1-5 module

Design elements:size, tooth shape, pitch, number of teeth, amount of profile shift, material



Focus on the user and all else will follow.“

DONCEN has a complete purchasing, R&D, sales, after-sales team. Our team will provide customers with 24/7 service for our customers


Parts processing:

Product quality is the foundation of DONCEN’s development. In order to realize the self-production of accessories, DONCEN has introduced more than imported CNC lathes, machining centers, die-casting machines, gear grinding machines, gear hobbing machines and other large-scale equipment. At this stage, the company can achieve self-sufficiency in basic accessories.


  • 5 artificial assembly lines focus on assembling and synthesizing DC motors, gear boxes, gear motors and other products
  • 2 fully automatic assembly lines are dedicated to the assembly of planetary geared motors, and only 5 workers are needed to achieve a production capacity of 10,000 motors per day.


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